Designing and Laying Industrial Concrete Flooring (SFRC)

Yankit Concrete Flooring Systems is Concrete Flooring Company. We are specialised in designing laying and finishing of Industrial, institutional and warehousing concrete Floors. In 2011 we have introduced Truss Screed Technique for wide bay of concrete floor placement. After completing of many successful projects, in 2014 we have introduced copper Head XD 2.0 laser screed, with this Machine we can lay 1000 Sqm. Floor in a single day. At present industrial concrete flooring demands more and this present unique challenges which cannot be identified with other categories of flooring. A factory or Warehouse is subject to high valume of machinery, high rise racking Systems, foot traffic, forklift movement and extra ordinary temperature, which require Expert Consultantation and professional analysis from the part of the structural Engineers. Yankit Concrete Flooring Systems stand out in this segment with its flooring Expertise and Experience and Ensure that your flooring are capable of meeting these high demands.

Only Experienced and competent companies master the specific application method of SFRC. Yankit Concrete flooring predominantly uses Crimped round, Hooked End and Crimped Flat steel fiber with a blend of micro polypropylene fibres. The high Performance Steel fibers are characterised by its shape and provide a perfect reinforcement of concrete. Extensive testing has confirmed that the Undulated Shape and Hooked End shape of the steel fiber is a main factor leading to optimal anchorage.
We have successfully laid more than 10 lakh Sqm. Of steel fiber reinforcement floors by using Truss screed and Laser Screed technique, all over India .We are well Experienced & Equipped with latest technology to undertake customise Job as per required specification to meeting international standards.