Truss Screeds allow construction to be done with extended construction joints hence save on cost & time. It provides better level of tolerances. Output per team improves from 200 M2 in case of VDF to Minimum 400 m2 up to 800 m2. Variable width sizes available from 6 mtr. Upto 12 mtr. Customise team size to 8-10 people.


(A) Increase productivity, flatness quality & efficiency.

(B) It provides high strength, dense & durable.

(C) It improves flatness & levelness.

(D) Time saving.

The trusses come in sections, ranging from about 2 to 10 feet long, which interlock to span the required distance up to a maximum of about 60 to 75 feet, depending on the particular machine. Either hand-operated or hydraulic winches typically serve to propel the truss screed along the edge forms and across the surface. Hydraulic-powered truss screeds can move at variable speeds, some up to 24 feet per minute. The obvious benefit of truss screeds is their ability to screed much larger areas in a single pass.