Laser Screed Flooring allow you to lay concrete floors in wider bays of any size, With the help of this type of flooring systems we can reduce time, labor, numbers of construction joints and its eventually improves the flatness of floors. Laser Screed simultaneously cuts, vibrate, and level the concrete in single pores. All these operation are controlled by laser transmitter, receiver and computers, due to which manual errors are eliminated. Copper head XD 3.0 is right machine for better performance, this system of floor construction is mainly used for large area distribution centres and manufacturing units’ .very large factory floors can lay in few days. With the help of copper head XD 3.0 1500 sqm. Area of flooring can be possible in a single day with the 1 set of machine & team. It can carry out floors as per TR 34 Numbers and DIN systems, level and flatness is achieved through sophisticated measuring systems and trained floor laying team.

Advantage of Laser Screed XD 3.0

(A) It increases productivity, flatness quality & efficiency with laser accuracy.

(B) Easily places low slump concrete, larger aggregate mixes & fiber reinforced concrete.

(C) Provide high strength, dence, durable floors.

(D) It improves flatness and levelness on comparison of any other flooring method.

(E) No need to do shuttering at every four meter.

(F) Fewer working days- with this flooring lot of time can be save.

Benefits of Using Laser Screeds for Concrete Leveling

Laser screeds offer many benefits for concrete contractors when compared to manual screeding techniques:

  • Flatter floors – One of the greatest benefits of laser screeds is that they can achieve laser-precise flatness and levelness every single time. Floors are typically flatter, stronger, and more level than those produced by conventional methods.
  • Less manual effort – Laser screeds allow you to get more work done with fewer workers because the equipment is doing the majority of the strenuous work. This helps increase efficiency on the jobsite as larger daily placements can be completed with fewer workers.
  • Greater accuracy – Laser guided technology helps assure that concrete contractors achieve greater accuracy on every job. This increases customer satisfaction and can lead to further profitability.
  • Faster placement – Laser screed equipment can easily move around jobsite obstacles and eliminate most framework. This means that more floor or paving can be placed each day, helping you meet schedule deadlines or even surpass them.
All of these benefits allow you to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality of each and every job. Using this equipment can also lead to a reduction in labor costs since the technology allows for faster placement and reduced manual labor. Ultimately, laser screeds can help concrete contractors increase their profits as they are able to produce better quality work in less time